Phase 3 Here I Come!

Sorry for the lack of updates! I’ve just been terribly busy Living Fit!!!  Clean eating and following the Live Fit program has certainly done a lot to pull me through my Quarter Life Crisis.  I feel so much better about myself.   I feel stronger than I ever have both physically and mentally.  I feel capable of accomplishing anything!

I finished phase 2 of Jamie Eason’s Live Fit trainer on Saturday and did my first phase 3 workout yesterday.  I almost didn’t make it to the gym!  I was so tired from my 12 hour shifts and so short on sleep I was going to wait an extra day before starting phase 3.  Lucky for me I got a really distressing text message from my best friend that just made me livid! (Not at her!)  Instead of taking my anger to the grocery store for some junk food or home to wallow in, I headed straight for the gym after work and knocked out a phenomenal first phase 3 workout.

I had been worried that I didn’t have a skipping rope so I would have to “fake skip” for the active rests.  When I got to the gym I asked at the front desk if they had skipping ropes and I was rewarded for my bravery in asking with a skipping rope to use!  Honestly, I have looked in 3 stores for a normal skipping rope, and have only been able to find skipping ropes on steroids!  Weighted handles, wooden handles, leather skipping ropes…I just wanted a cheap plastic one!  I’ll continue my search this week.

I went to a new gym last night.  So happy I did!  Much more eye candy and I even got hit on!

  • Gym guy: What’s that in your water bottle? Flavoured water?
  • Me: BCAAs
  • Gym guy: Oh do those really work?
  • Me: I don’t know, I’ve only been working out for two months.  I’m not really an expert.
  • Gym guy: Only two months?? (Look of surprise) I guess some people just have good genes!
  • Me:  Ya, and those people are so lucky!

I then proceeded to get off the leg extension machine and bust out a minute of skipping.  I wasn’t too interested in chit chat last night, but I guess this work out made me look like a pro!

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